Freshly grilled satay can be served to your guests in cups / boats

Set 1: 300 sticks Chicken, 100 sticks Mutton, 100 sticks Beef ($750)
Set 2: 600 sticks Chicken, 200 sticks Mutton, 200 sticks Beef ($1280)
Set 3: 900 sticks Chicken, 300 sticks Mutton, 300 sticks Beef ($1750)
Set 4: 1200 sticks Chicken, 400 sticks Mutton, 400 sticks Beef ($2080)

*If you need something more than these quantity, please email to to liaise with a Support Staff.

Comes with Gravy, Cucumber, Onion and Longtong Rice. 

Includes BBQ helper and grilling supplies for 3 hours.
Includes 1 x 6 feet banquet table with table cloth, chafing dish and 1 gravy warmer.
Includes wooden tabletop booth.

Recommended Add-Ons 
Qty Details Amount

Grilled Jumbo Chicken Satay (w/ Sauce) $1

Nonya Laksa
(Thick Beehoon, Fresh Beansprouts, Tau Pok & Shrimps)

Roasted Black Angus Ribeye Steak
(Prime Black Angus Steak, US-Flown, Grassfed, ~ 1kg Weight Before Roasting)

Roasted Wagyu Tomahawk
(~1.4kg/Set, Bone-in Weight Before Roasting)

Assorted Nonya Kueh-Kueh Tray (No Setup)
(Assorted 30pcs)

Baby Full Month Combo (No Setup)
(30 Red Eggs, 30 Pcs Ang Ku Kueh, 30 Pcs Traditional Kueh Kueh)

Plastic Stools Rental
(Red Only)

Overnight Glamping Tent
(With Picnic Setup, Cushions and Soft Beds, Sparkling Drink(s), Large Hawaiian Pizza(s))
From $286