Corporate Events Catering

"For Catering Experiences That Excites" 

Whether you are hosting a cosy team of senior management, or having a boardroom meeting, we have an exciting palette of re-imagined heritage cuisine and onsite services that is sure to impress your guests and hosts alike.

Our event services includes any combination of buffet-style dining, grilling of premium meats onsite, or custom canape options that would surely fit your purpose.

Our experienced sales manager would sit down, discuss your events requirements over a freshly-grilled mix platter during lunch, so as to curate a perfect experience everytime.

Our professional team of chefs are also deployed onsite to oversee the preparation and service during the entirety of your event.

Halal & Non-Halal Event Menu Services Available

Enquiring About Corporate Events Catering?


We would love to know more about your requirements on your next event! Do email in to, so we may schedule a non-commitment food-tasting grilled platter as we discuss over your lunch hour.